Sunday, May 24, 2009

This weekend was a lovely treat as hosted by my lovely friend Mr. Tyler Gray in Vancouver. Tyler is the co-founder and owner of Mikuni Wild Harvest, a company specializing in wild mushrooms and artisan items such as caviar, maple syrup, oils, etc.  I was lucky enough to be taken on a secret midnight tour of the warehouse and even luckier to be sent home with some exotic mushrooms. Now for those of you who don't like mushrooms, well, there is something seriously wrong with you. With that said, let's continue on with the story. So I have some Chantarelle mushrooms which are the orange beauties. And some Morel mushrooms which are the cool honeycombed ones. And some little blue guys but I'm not sure what they are, I'll have to get back on that one.  So I arrived back in Victoria quite late but tomorrow I'm going to have a mushroom feast. Stay tuned for some more mushroom madness!  

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